5 March 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

This is the evolution of a “Thank You” which began two years ago:  Some of these words are from a post-election blog I wrote on May 30, 2012.

2012:  "First:  A deep and heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped in this campaign.  Many gave of their time or treasure or both, and we experienced safe travel and grace under the covering of many prayers.”

2014:  Special thanks to the Llano Tea Party, Susan and Lee Tonne, Gary Howard, my parents Johnny and Kay Brown, Sid and Sue Sullenger, Graig Belcher, Kim Jackson, Barry Halvorsen, Deana Atkins, Doug Tonne, Henry Ricco, Stan and Cathy Roberts, and Mary Powell for your especially generous financial contributions.  Added to your numbers were another 60+ individual donors and literally dozens of anonymous cash donors who gave spontaneously at the many events we attended.  Every dollar counted!

Volunteers:  Wow!  So very many people helped in so very many ways.  I’ll start with Treasurer Kelley Miller.  Although Kelley served as our only paid staff member, and therefore doesn’t technically earn the moniker “volunteer,” she is nevertheless doing volumes of work that will not only continue to fulfill the requirements of the FEC, but also of the IRS in the months ahead.  In addition to Kelley, I would like to call attention to a few volunteer superstars.  Mel and Mary White hosted our first meet and greet, and Mel continued to serve as the Midland-Odessa area volunteer coordinator throughout the campaign.  He was the glue that held most of our Permian Basin efforts together, and he was a constant source of prayer and encouragement - he and Mary are now dear friends.  Pamela Cunningham, whom I first met at the Ector County Republican Women Candidate Forum, was a fireball of energy in the Midland area, and through her direct efforts we gained multiple mass media interviews, including radio talk shows and an opportunity to appear on the Wayne Dupree show.  She also visited with hundreds of people during the last weeks of the campaign.  She multiplied her own voice, and the voice of the campaign, exponentially - and all this while taking care of her little ones!  Charlie White, son of Mel and Mary, led the charge with radio show call-ins and shoe-polish car decoration and made sure the name “Wade Brown” was heard on the airwaves on a regular basis.  For the dozens of stops we made to the smaller counties of the District, my dear long-time friend Corrine Rypka, working remotely from Springfield, Virginia, made literally hundreds of phone calls to coordinate campaign stops, locate support services, and in conjunction with these efforts sent out voluminous press releases to maximize local press involvement.  She flew in from Virginia to provide moral support for the last few miles of the campaign marathon.  My parents John and Kay Brown provided selfless support, as they have done continuously for the last 44 years.  There are so many more of you who helped in myriad ways, and I fear that to name a few is to seemingly exclude my gratitude to the many other individuals who provided not only material help but encouragement and prayers (Zoe!):  but the truth is I was blessed and will carry great memories of the 2014 campaign with me far into the future.

A final and most needed thanks goes to my wife Sarah and our children.  They love me truly and I will always be grateful for their love and support.

Second order of business:  To Mr. Conaway, congratulations on your primary win.  I believe your intentions are honorable, but I will record here that I still vehemently disagree with your decisions.  The truth is, you voted to take us further into debt and to enlarge the powers and scope of a federal government that has already grown to excess; and your failure to attempt to check this President exemplifies that of the Congress:  a body which no longer has the fortitude, the discipline, or even the sense of honor required to protect and defend our Constitution.  In such circumstances, the lower path is that of bending and swaying and seeking the approbation of one’s peers, and the higher and harder path is that of firmness, endurance, and faith in the face of whelming opposition. 19,000 voters in this District urge you to the higher path.

Finally:  The way ahead for me personally is a topic that I intend to address in some detail.  I ask those of you who support me to be patient as we look carefully at what we Marines call the “long fight.”  Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.”  And the true Master said, “Be ready for service and have your lamps lit.”




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